Curing Sweet Potatoes in a Tent!

Sweet potatoes must be one of my most favourite vegetables. This was the first year I’d had a chance to grow them; Sow True Seed kindly provided a selection of slips – All… Continue reading

Post-Apocalyptic Bantam Blunder

I may have made a post-apocalyptic blunder, but they’re really cute, so what the hell! Meet my pair of Silver Sebright Bantams. The rooster is Bibimbap and the hen is Bowwow (Belle was… Continue reading

Lessons in Zombie Survival (if Raccoon = Zombie)

On the 3rd of November I woke up to my 1st wedding anniversary. Forgive the quick slip into epic-fantasy over my traditional post-apocalyptic references, but the morning of my wedding anniversary was somewhat… Continue reading

If sunflowers had teeth…

…then this one could have bitten my head off! I’ve read Day of the Triffids by John Wyndam and watched the BBC adaptation and it’s enough to know that I’m glad plants can’t walk… Continue reading

Eating the Rooster

…it’s on the internet so it has to happen.ME: Sorry, Devon. Belle says you’ve got to go, so you’ve got to go. DEVON: ME: I know, I know. It’s the crowing, mainly. She’s… Continue reading

How To Eat Mushrooms Without Dying

    I’ve just finished reading The Dog Stars by Peter Heller. It is a terrifying post-apocalypse book that made me cry on a plane before I was even half way through. It’s… Continue reading

Super Coop Part III – The Green Roof!

This chicken coop has taken me a long time to build. Correction: the materials for this chicken coop have taken a long time to find; hands on building time was pretty easy! Sadly… Continue reading

How I Came To Witness The Amazing Pink Mushroom

Being a Community Relations Manager for EarthFare, Belle gets to hear about things… Belle: there’s a mushroom cultivation workshop happening. Me: when? Belle: today. Me: how much? Belle: donations. Me: you want to… Continue reading

Nature Eats Nuture

It has recently occurred to me that my nightmares of impending and horrific doom occur daily in the garden. Albeit, on a smaller scale, but terrifying and destructive for the players involved. It’s a warzone out there.… Continue reading

Corn-Bean-Squash Guild

Cow Manure

Three miles from my house, there is a field full of cows. The field is five feet deep in cow manure. Technically that’s not true. It does not qualify as manure until it… Continue reading

Growing Potatoes in Straw

I’ve been digging raised beds for weeks. I’ve started making protein shakes out of bananas, peanut butter and chocolate soy milk, just so my body doesn’t fall apart. My soil is pretty much… Continue reading

Wild Mushroom

While cycling in the woods today, Belle asked me: do you think we could survive in the woods. I said: no, we’d starve. I thought, maybe someone like Alan Muskat, the Mushroom Man,… Continue reading

Sow True Seed

  I have a lot to say about this seed company, but for now, just let me give you a glimpse of the future of food:   I have some digging to do…

Turning Pallets into Eggs – Part II

It can be hard to plan for an apocalypse. No one seems to know when or what it’ll looks like – or rather, there are just too many options to choose from. However,… Continue reading

Turning Pallets into Eggs – PART I

From my reading of Stephen King’s, The Stand, I’m making the wild assumption that chickens will survive the apocalypse (they are one of the blessed species). I’m now pleased to report that I’m… Continue reading

Nature Beats Nurture

Exciting times – you treat them like ladies and they act like boys… I gave them respectable lady-like names: Devon and Delilah. They only played with other hens; they should not have even… Continue reading

Backyard Pesto

Some awesome post-Apocalypse skills went into this little jar of green, nutritious delight. First, allow me to rebuff the pesto purists (and Apple Mac’s internal dictionary) by telling you that pesto does not… Continue reading

Meet The Flock

Lady Leone When Lady Leone first joined my flock she was a square breasted Giant White Jersey who waddled from the weight of her high-corn, meat breeder diet. Reaching the lower roosting bar… Continue reading

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

What an interesting concept – a quick Google search reveals no history, no overall winner, no origins. In fact the only thing a Google search shows is a long list of recipients, which… Continue reading